Aiya's Music


Aiya Attaway is well known throughout the central Oklahoma area for her creative leadership, teaching and extraordinary musicianship.
Being the musically talented child of not one, but two church ministers, Aiya stepped into her church leadership roles at the tender age of eight when she became the church pianist.  By the time Aiya entered high school, she was sought after as vocalist and pianist for regional and national church conferences.  As a teenager, Aiya developed a thriving piano studio while also working as a Youth/Choral Director at the Bible Missionary Church in Texas. Piano students under her tutelage had great success at regional and national competitions.  Some of her youth students went on to serve in the ministry. Ms. Attaway’s versatility is demonstrated by her directing experiences in a number of different denominations including Nazarene, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Methodist churches.  Aiya tells the story of how she was quickly exposed to and asked to perform in the tradition of the Catholic Mass when a good friend called upon her to play for his grandfather’s funeral.  The funeral was on a holiday weekend and the family asked her to perform music for the entire service with only twenty-four hours to prepare.  Aiya gladly did this and says it was an experience she will not forget! Some of her accomplishments include the revival of a choir that years later is still thriving, and the church at which she currently serves as Music Director is thrilled with the health of the department since her arrival.  The entire department has grown in number and musicianship, the media and sound departments have been elevated to a more professional level, and the finances of the department are in great shape due to her fundraising abilities and business skills. Attaway received a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma.  Her minor area of study was Asian Studies with an emphasis in Japanese as she is fluent in the Japanese language.  She obtained her master’s degree in jazz studies as a music producer and jazz pianist at the University of Central Oklahoma. She is currently pursuing a Ph. D. in Educational Leadership Studies at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas.  Her wide range of studies is very reflective of her numerous interests and skills. Ms. Attaway is also a professor at Langston University, and has taught all grades from preschool to high school leading her high school vocalists to regional and national titles.  She is a very proud mother of Carolina whom she duos with both vocally and instrumentally. One of her greatest skills is her excellence in the art of dealing with people.  Her warm personality and sincere interest in the individual and the audience with whom she is connecting is what continuously draws people to her.  Aiya attributes her talent and perseverance in life to her parents, her greatest supporters, who have always been there for her, and to God through Whom all things are possible.